Friday, August 19, 2011

Run Ginger Run!

I'm really shocked that there have been 2 deaths here on post within days of each other.  

The first, a man was found dead at the middle school by a sanitation worker!  Yes!  The Middle School.  YES, The Middle School that my son goes to!

You can imagine the concern I had all weekend when this news was released later that afternoon with no other information other than "There is no immediate danger to the post."

So we go on wonder what happened and should I be sending my son to school Monday.

Well, apparently it was a custodian who worked there and a possible suicide.  I couldn't help but think how sad a person must be to do something so tragic.  The problem doesn't go away.  It just makes more issues for your loved ones.  I wish someone had been able to catch the signs sooner.

On Thursday, a friend and I went to the gym.  There was a lot of commotion going on in the area with lots of emergency personnel  rushing through the area.  With the amount of chaos, I assumed it was a practice or something, but it wasn't.  A training police office passes out on the field while doing a Physical Agility Test preparing for the DA Police Academy.  He died shortly after.  He was only 29 and had a wife and 3 kids.  How sad is that?


Anywho, after taking a few days off from my run, I was back out there on the pavement this morning.  I made it through my 1.5mile power walk and another 1.5miles in running.  I'm not loving the way my shins feel when I run.  I think I might need another pair of shoes.  

I'm not understanding why my dogs butt is looking much bigger these days when she and I get so much more exercise that she has ever had!  Okay, maybe I can, because I'm not losing weight myself according to that HORRID scale.  But Ginger seems to be getting bigger.  I think it's time to change her dogfood because now that she is actully doing some physical activity, she is actually eating more.  Kibbles and Bits, from what my vet tells me, is not the healthiest brand for dogs.  It's all I could get her to eat though.  Canned dog food has me cleaning up a mess I can't handle, so she has to eat dry.  I've tried several but that chick is PICKY!

She is, however, doing much better on our runs.  I told her that if she didn't start picking up the pace I was going to have to leave her at home!

She can make it through the entire 1.5mile run without trying to pull me backwards.  Except when we ran on Tuesday... in the sun... and I think we BOTH almost passed out that day!

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Kristin said...

That is so, so sad about those deaths. Your doggie is so cute! My little chihuahua is getting so fat because all she does is sleep all day. LOL!