Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Mommy Fabulous Back to School Guide for the Fabulous Mom

Okay, Ladies!  It's time to send the kiddies back to school.  Chances are, most of you have spruced up the kids wardrobes with fabulous duds and shoes and bought great school supplies.  The kids are ready and raring to show off the inches they've grown, accompanied by a stylish pair of jeans or khakis, a new do and a Victorious or Phineas and Ferb pencil pack.

They're looking snazzy for the first day, first week, and even for the first month.  

But are you?

It's all to often that we moms forget about ourselves at this time of year because this is their time to shine.  But even so, it's important for us not to forget just how fabulous we are and to do a little for ourselves.

1.  First DO NOT drop your kids off in Betty Boop pajama bottoms and fuzzy slippers!  

HUGE No-No!  Okay, I know I've often said that being Mommy Fabulous is not always about about the way you look, but about the way that you feel.  In this case, scratch that idea!  Pajamas and slippers are for the house......... ALL THE TIME.  Checking the mail, maybe.  But even THAT depends on just how far you have to walk!  

Do you ever pick up your kids only to find that they walk WAAAAAY ahead of you?  It's probably not because they're excited about going home, girl!

When you pick up and drop off your kids, try to remember that yeah, they love you, but they also love their friends.  Try not to embarrass them!  I'm not saying dress up in 4inch heals and fully made up faces just to pick them up (although, that's what I do).  All I'm saying is to put on a pair of jeans or a pair of shorts before you leave the house.  And heals are not necessary, although they sure do look great, but flip flops are okay... sometimes.   Aaaaand it wouldn't hurt to add in some lip gloss and a nice pair of hoop earrings. 


I know many people think that volunteering your time at the school is a bad idea.  You've got your own things to do at home, right?  You work too many hours, right?  I know that if you've had kids in school for a while then you've probably heard the horror stories about the "Cliquish"  PTO or PTA, right?  Yeah, I was there.  But, do you know that the more time you spend in your kid's school, the better grades they get?  The better students they are?  They happier they are?  It's true!  Studies have proven it.  

So take a chance.  Put in some time at your kid's school.  Volunteer to run a booth, bake something (or FAKE n BAKE like I do!), or plan a party.  If you're REALLY brave, become an active member of the PTO/PTA. I'm sure that you have a talent that they can use!  (but, if your talent is belly dancing, please just bake something)  I can bet you'll find that not only is it not as bad as you thought it would be, but you feel appreciated and accomplished as well.  And that, girls, can help lift your Fabulousness ten-fold!

What's this got to do with being Mommy Fabulous?  Well, like I've told you, being Mommy Fabulous is not about the way that you look everyday.  Being Mommy Fabulous is about being there for your kids (Looking fabulous in the process is just a bonus!) 


The kids are away for about 8 hours a day. (4 if you have a pre-schooler in some areas)  So this is the perfect time to connect with a few friends and other moms and have lunch or a late breakfast!  One of my favorite things to do when the kids are away during the day is to invite a few friends over for a potluck lunch and have a little girl talk.  For the most part, we are all on the same schedule, so we can enjoy one another until the cows come home. Uhh, I meant kids.  It's a fun time to unwind before the stressful part of the day begins,  You know, doing homework, preparing dinner and getting ready for the next school day.  This is also a time when you have a reason to dress up and look FABULOUS! 

4.   ME TIME

The kids are away and it's your time to spend with one of your favorite people.  YOU!  This is your time to find a hobby or work on your passion.  Don't go back home and jump back in the bed unless you had a really long night the night before ;-).  Get up and do something.  This time is perfect for going to the gym to lose those extra pounds you've been talking about losing, taking a trip to the mall WITHOUT KIDS or taking that long walk you so desperately need to unwind.  Many of you will find that this is the time you need to work on you Work from Home job.  Others will find it the best time to do something that you love.  Read that book that has been in your nightstand drawer for months.  Finish that scrapbook you've been trying to do since your 11 year old was 2.  Sew those curtains you've been talking about putting in your bathroom windows since you moved in. Or is that just me?  I think you get the picture.

My point is, I know that housework has to be done and it's a never ending job, but don't forget about yourself in the process.  The perfect time to do the things you love or have been meaning to do is now!  When the kids are back in school.

When the kids get out of school, they are riled up and ready to talk about their day.  Be there to listen.  I know everything is hectic, but try to stop and give your kids your undivided attention.  I like to give the kids 30 minutes before they start they're homework of my undivided attention.  The 3 of them can chat forever, but they know that for the 30 minutes out of school, while they are fixing snacks it's their time to shine.  They appreciate knowing that what they have to say is important to me.  Listening to them makes them more confident kids.  

So there you go.  The Mommy Fabulous Back to School Guide for the Fabulous Mom.  Being there is the key to being FABULOUS for your kids.  Being beautiful inside and out is key to being a Fabulous YOU!


Cinderella said...

Very good and useful advice for Moms, Diva!

It really helps sometimes to have someone point out all those things like you did.

Mommy Fabulous said...

LOL! I tend to do that sometimes. It
s just a little of my 2 cents!