Friday, March 20, 2009

Health or Beauty?

Well, I'm really not one of those stay at home moms that goes out looking any old type of way.

I'm no glamour girl either, but wearing pajamas to go drop the kids off at school late or running to the grocery store in a holey pair of sweat pant and a dirty t-shirt is also out of the question.

Somebody might see me!

I like to at least present myself in a way that says that I take pride in the way that I look, but not necessarily all glammed up in tons of makeup and heals on a simple trip to Walmart everyday.

This week while I have been home sick, I think I might have gotten dressed once and that was because I thought I was feeling better and was ready for the road. God had different plans for my body. Get your butt back in the house and rest!

So for the entire week I have been out of my element, simply bumming it around the house with my hair every which and where, sweats and a dirty, sometimes even holey, t-shirt on to greet the Hubs when he comes home from a hard day at work.

Every day, I simply look like I have crawled out of the dirty clothes hamper. No makeup, no hair style and nothing appealing for the poor man to look at when he comes home.

While I wouldn't say that I am one of those housewives that look dashing with hair perfect and dinner waiting when her man walks through the door, I do attempt to not frighten him when he comes home either. This week that wasn't the case. I looked the same way I had when he left, not a line of eyeliner or a smidge of lip gloss. I feel bad about it. Feel like I should have at least tried to great him in a more presentable fashion, even if I had no intention of leaving the house.

And do you know what his reaction has been?

"Did you take your medicine today?"

"Do I need to stop and get anything from the store?"

And even a "You do a lot around here."

My point is, he's way more understanding than I give him credit for and the little things don't matter to him, my health does. And although I know I looked BAD this week, he never cared (or he knew better than to say so). He was more concerned with my health, while I was the only one concerned with my hair!


Kristin said...

Now that's a good man you've got, Diva Ma!! I hope you're feeling better! I bet you look great, even with your hair every which way! :)

Have a great weekend!

Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

What a great hubby you have. I'm new to your site. I like it and most certainly will visit often.

Enjoy your day.

Clare Z. said...

That's what love is...Of course he also knows that people don't always look their best when they're sick...He must already know how beautiful you are even when your sick. Awwww! =D