Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tell It Like It T-I-Z Tuesday


This is my little segment where I talk about something, anything, that has been on my mind where basically I want to give my two scents about, in my own unique way.

Today, I wanna talk to the SAHMs. This is not for the working mommies or the mommies that work from home. Although I KNOW that your jobs is no easier than that of a SAHM.

This one is for those mommies, whose only job IS to stay at home, care for your kids, your house and your family. THE "HOUSEWIFE".

I AM a SAHM. You know, one of those women that stay home all day cleaning, cooking, and taking care of kids.

The kind of woman that doesn't have a conventional job but feels that on some days she works twice as hard as someone who works outside the home.

I am a SAHM, and although I don't bring in the bacon, I fry it! And I clean it up when it's done. I help the kids with homework every day and make sure that the little one that stays at home is well rounded and on schedule with (in many cases ahead of) other children.

I am a SAHM and I take my kids to the library. I take my kids to the park during the day and I get together with other moms and plan a picnic or a playdate just so that my KIDS can have a good time.

I am one of those moms that is able to take time to volunteer at the school on a whim, because in all do honesty, my time during the day is my own. I have time to bake if needed, go on fieldtrips upon request and plan a spring carnival with the help of others without having to worry about struggling to make the time.

I am a SAHM. And that doesn't make me a babysitter. Because I stay at home, doesn't give you the right to believe that I want to keep your kids. It doesn't give you the right to assume that I want to make a few extra dollars keeping YOUR kid.... because I STAY AT HOME anyway.

I am a SAHM who really doesn't SAH. I'm constantly on the run because guess who has to do the shopping? Guess who has to buy the kids' new clothes? Guess who has to get the supplies for that project that "Oh I forgot! It's dues tomorrow!" project?

Now, I'm no idiot. I know that EVERY mom (or dad) goes through these same things. But those that "Bring Home Some Bacon" with it are looked at a little differently, seem a little more respected. Perhaps it's just me being envious of those that have found a way to do it all, but many people seem to believe that I don't DO anything being a SAHM.

"So what do you DO all day?" That is a funny question to me because until you try staying at home, you'll never understand how the house NEVER stays clean because you are there all day, with kids that play with things, pull things out, put finger prints on newly Windex'ed tables and waste Kool-Aid on the kitchen floor 3 times a day.

I don't clean ONCE a a day I clean until I go to bed.

And I don't have the pleasure of a paycheck with that much need extra money for a pedicure at the end of the week, or those few extra dollar that gives you the satisfaction of being able to help pay off that credit card.

Life is different for a SAHM because there is no "gratuity" to say JOB WELL DONE. But there is the occasion kiss from a child and those beautiful eyes that looks up and say, "Mommy, you're the best mom in the world." And I guess THAT is payment enough!


Kristin said...

Amen, Diva Ma!! I get to where I'm feeling guilty for not working, and then I remember when I did work full time and how I had much more time to do my own thing than I have now that I'm supposedly home all the time! My house stayed cleaner when I worked, because like you said, when you stay home the house never stays clean and you are constantly trying to keep up with it!

Just getting the kids to their activities and then being a spectator at those activities takes up most of my time. And quite frankly, I don't really like to cook and I never pictured myself being a maid or a housecleaner! I struggle alot with the issue of not feeling respected as a SAHM, even though I have a college degree. It's like when I tell people I do have one, they're surprised! LOL

But, like you said, it's worth all the criticism from others because I know that it's best for my girls and being with them is the best part of the job!

Kristin said...
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America's Next Top Mommy said...

I couldn't agree more! Unless you've been there yourself, there is no way you can understand the physical, emotional and mental exhaustion that comes from staying home with a brood of children. Nobody can measure the amount of work we do because there is simply too much to measure!

La Pixie said...

Im not a SAHM... well, Im not a mom. but I hope that if I have kids, I will be able to be a SAHM. my mom was one, and I (think I) know how difficult it is. SAHMs have all of my respect!

MOMSWEB said...

Girrrrrrrl, you're preaching now! I love this and you are right on target. You're speaking Mama Language and you said it well. Love it, love it, love it!

Nap Warden said...

Well, I'm a WAHM...sorta. I hear you though. I am in a constant state of shuffling kiddos, cleaning,'s hard work:P

Becky said...

I was a SAHM for nine years - until my daughters went to kindergarten. My BIGGEST fear was that my girls were sooooo dependent upon me for every little thing because I was always there.

Soooo, just for the record I wanted to tell you that those girls (now 19 and 21) are THE most independent, full of girl power young women that you'd ever want to meet.

Yay for SAHMs! It is very very hard work and also a challenge to do without that second income. But WE get to raise our children - not someone else! I believe that's how God intended it!

~ Becky