Monday, November 17, 2008

For the good wishes and another workout resolution

Thanks to everyone for all of the well wishes for me and Sir-PUKES-A-Lot. It seems that we are both better. He is back in school and eating his little heart out and I was on my treadmill this morning doing the best workout I've done to date.

I was determine to work it out today after my "ex-fat friend" offered me her fat girl jeans that she can't fit anymore. Yeah that kinda hurt my feelings. The girl has been workin' it out and has lost about 60lbs this year, so I don't knock her for that. She looks damn good! But dammit just because she got me by a pants size don't mean I want it thrown in my face that I'm still FAT! LOL!

So I'm working it out, because sitting around here in my own pity party feeling sorry for myself ain't making the pounds fall off! Especially when my pity party involves the kids Halloween candy!

So it's ON! I have gotta get rid of thirty pounds! I know that this is the wrong time of year to be tryin' to get rid of the excess. I know that I'm gonna be piggin' out on turkey, ham and dressing in a few days and I know I have these great neighbors that LOVE to bake all these goodies and love to share their sweet tasting goodness with the rest of the neighbors. I know I can't resist. But at least if I continue to work it out in the fashion I did today I at least won't gain anymore while I savor the wonderful foods of the holidays, right? (that's my logic and I'm stickin' to it!)Then after all of these self sabotaging holidays are gone, I can work on actual weight loss. Does that sound like it makes sense?

So, who's with me? Who wants to help me and encourage me to get off my fat butt, get off the computer and WORK IT OUT???


Jenni Jiggety said...

I am glad your son is better and off to school! I am alllll about the work out! Woo Woo! You GO!

ali said...

That's me, I just can't seem to get off the computer on onto the treadmill! I keep telling myself, it's ONLY 30 minutes but yet, here I am, still sitting at the computer. But you, you can do it!

5STRONG said...

ooohhh, I so love your page! I AM NOT ALONE!

La Pixie said...

okay... I will encourage you. will you pretty-please encourage me? I have a super-fancy office Christmas party in less than a month. crash diet, here I come!

Dorsey said...

I'm with ya gal!! I've cleaned my whole house and have yet to lose weight from it,TAKE THAT HUBBY (told you it doesn't matter if I clean the house or not) so Let's go gal!!

Christine said...

Ummmm I need to lose 30 pounds too, but let's wait til after Christmas...there is waaaaaaaay to much I plan to eat until January 1. So I am with you all the way.....just not yet, LOL