Monday, November 24, 2008


We're in count down mode! Many of you probably have already been in Christmas mode for some time, but for me, the Christmas season doesn't start until AFTER I get through Thanksgiving.

Black Friday seem to be the day when everyone flies into the streets for a stressful day of shopping. I love sales and great deals like the rest of you, but I simply cannot see getting out of my bed when it is still dark outside to wait in line for the season's best deals. (although I did have Hubs waiting in the rain for a Wii last year) Call me lazy, but I'd prefer to shop online or go out while on the maniac shoppers are at work and not waiting to run me down for the last Nintendo Wii in the stock room.

This year, I don't have a lot to shop with thanks to the economical down fall. With all the stressing over the last few months over money, it has caused us to have less in out pockets to indulge our children with a Christmas filled with everything their hearts desire. You'd think that this would upset me, but it doesn't..... much.

You see, my kids have a room full of toys and games. And with them already having so much, it makes it hard to know what to get them this year. Last year, between Santa and Grandparent, aunts and uncles, they made out pretty well, getting everything they wanted, plus! This year, I told them to decide on 2 things that they REALLY want and Santa and I will decide from there.

So we sat around the computer and went to Toys'r' and they searched page after page after page of toys and games. Now of course, Miss Missy couldn't keep her list below 50 toys, but the boys were able to narrow their wants down pretty good.

It seems that Runnin' Man's heart desires wireless PlayStation remotes, an MP3 player, a guitar, a Wii game, a Lego Agents play set and a Falcons Nerf football. But narrowed down to 2 things, he wants the MP3 player and the Nerf football. Sounds doable.

Sir-Talks-A-Lot list is almost identical except he wants an Air Hogs remote control helicopter that shoots. He didn't want to narrow it down to two things because, "Santa is buying it, not you and he doesn't care how much it costs." Hmmmm. Really?

Miss Missy wanted something on every girl page that we went on, and it will be my responsibility to narrow it down for her. She is 4, after all. So right now, her biggest want is Laptop computer, Puppy in My Pocket Toys and a Build-a-Bear.

All in all, they don't have outrageous requests this year. My oldest understands when I say we can't have everything because there's not a lot of money to go around, and I appreciate his for his efforts to keep his requests small. All he really wants, his words, not mine, is to have family around to celebrate with. This is a child that really knows what Christmas is all about.

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