Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday? HA! Too much to shout about!

Okay, if you thought I as going to let this day go by and I simply post a picture, HA! Are you serious? No matter how powerful my Wordless Wednesday may have been to some, it really didn't say enough and you all know that I HAVE to voice my opinion.

First off:


Guys, even at almost 11 o'clock tonight, 24 hours after it was announced, I still have not come down off my mountain. Yesterday I was too anxious to sit and last night my feet wouldn't stop dancing!

Do you realize what we did? It's not just about electing our first Black President. Do you see how we brought our country together, how we all got out there and FINALLY exercised our right................ ummm no.... we exercised our RESPONSIBILITY in record numbers, finally realizing that one vote DOES matter and that one person can make a difference?

We are a great nation!

I am rejoicing because this historical event sends emotion up and down my spine and through my heart.

I am rejoicing because FINALLY there is going to be somebody up there that is thinking about what is happening with "real" Joe the Plumbers, the ones that make under $250K a year and someone with an eye for solving economical issues, rather than someone with a sticky trigger finger. Someone who is fair.

I am rejoicing as I watch others rejoice. Others that live miles and miles over the ocean from us are excited for what is occurring here in the great U.S of A.

So you see, he is not only seen as our HOPE, but as HOPE for all of the world!

Obama ran his candidacy on the promise of change. And on today, without even stepping foot in the White House, it seems that he has already made that happen!


Ms. Bar B: said...

Definitely. The collective spirit of America was at last beautiful.

Melissa said...

A-to the-MEN, sister!!! You are right on!! Although, it is an awesome historic event, I agree that we as a country made me soooo proud to be an American!! We were all so tired of the state of this country that we did our duty as citizens (ALL OF US) and voted!! Very exciting for my children to experience this!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I'm not even American and I got weepy from his speech!! I love the fact that people have finally, FINALLY looked past race!! I am so thrilled!!! I think he is going to be an amazing president for who he is as a man and what he stands for, not for his colour etc... YEEEEHAH!!!!

La Pixie said...

Im glad that youre so happy about the outcome. but the country isnt really together. I know in our house, we were really sad. I remember in 2000, I thought that the country would come together. I guess it just depends on if your guy wins!

Im not like, bitter or anything, though. Ill pray for Obama the same way that I pray for W.

Honey Mommy said...

I hope that all your reasons for rejoicing actually happen in the next four years!! Sounds good to me.

Diva Ma said...

la pixie - I'm not gloating or anything you know. I was just sincerely happy that Barack won and that our country has broken down some huge barriers.

The previos two elects had my household really sad as well. And it wasn't easy for us to support our president when we didn't believe in the things that he was doing, but we did and I'm just glad that someone else gets a chance.

honey mommy - I have said from the start that WHOEVER takes president is going to have one heck of a mess to clean up. He won't "fix" everything in 4 years. Not even a possibility. Nobody could. But I do believe that he will make a significant difference. Hopefully to gain the trust of some of the McCain supporters. We need all people to make it happen.

La Pixie said...

oh, I know you werent gloating. and I wasnt being sarcastic, either! =) I am glad to know someone who is happy about it. in my circle, there were a lot of sad faces and gloom-and-doom talk, so its good to see someone from the other side, because how can I not have hope when so many people believe this is good?!?

and Im glad that you said that you were sad the last two elections, because then you know how I feel now. I didnt vote for Obama because I dont support a lot of what he does, but once he is president, I will pray for him and HOPE for the best! =)

mylitlbratz said...

I think he is going to be an amazing president for who he is as a man and what he stands!

Diva Ma said...

la pixie - where I live there was ONE Obama sign up. ONE! We live in a small town where everywhere I went I saw support for McCain. So I'm sure there were a lot of sad people here too.

MyLitlbratz - I agree. He just displays a sense of greatness, doesn't he? LOL.